Premier Access To The IM Summit with VIP Seating, and the VIP Connection Concierge
What You'll Get:
  • 3-day LIVE experience with 37+ sessions covering the latest investment & funding strategies.
  • 6 Different Breakout Tracks. If you’re an investor, getting funding, or growing your investments, there's a session for you!
  • Access To Networking Sessions
  • You'll get your Advanced Copy of the Pre-Publication Edition of the Book: The AI Powered Investor
  • VIP SEATING: You'll get to sit in the VIP area, reserved for Investors Mastermind Members, for a closer, more intimate experience.
  • VIP CONNECT CONCIERGE: During and for even 30 Days after The event, you'll have access to our Connection Concierge To Get Connected With The Most important People You'll Need For Your Investment Needs.
  • MASTERMIND LUNCHES: You'll get ULTIMATE VIP access to our premier "Mastermind Lunches" each day of the event, and You'll get to really know the real players in the room!
  • VIP PLUS RECORDINGS: Access to all IM Summit recordings, including the Special Sessions, and Investor Talks.