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Here’s some of the powerful Dream Team Members you will meet

Dream Team

Member #1

Co-Founder or Principle of 5 different INC Magazines fastest growing companies

You'll learn the strategies of this private equity genius who successfully transacted billions of dollars in dozens of companies.

Dream Team

Member #2

Has lead over 1 Million sales people working for him, and sold over 10M books on selling!

You'll Learn how he successfully multiplied the success of one of the top investment banking firms.

Dream Team

Member #3

Top Disney Leader in charge of Systemizing Wow Experiences for Guests Profitably.

You'll Learn How To Create Investor Experiences That Turns Them into Raving Fans.

Dream Team

Member #4

Has worked with the top fortune 500 consulting and M&A firms
to increase sales and profitability

You'll learn how to do big deals like the big boys...(and girls)

Dream Team

Member #5

Creator of Found Money for Business Program & Director of Inter-partnering Alliance

You'll learn how To multiply Found Money, and develop plans for financial freedom, legacy wealth, and charitable giving.

Dream Team

Member #6

Has Doubled The Sales of over 250 companies from large to small and medium sized businesses

Learn How To Double (or More than Double) The sales of any company you invest in, or optimize the marketing of your investment business.

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